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Our smoked fat is made from Mangalica-Duroc pork. It has a very gentle mild smokiness with a bacon flavour, making it great for children. This product is  is 100% pork fat with sea salt. Salting and smoking are traditional ways of preserving pork fat and deliver a delicate but intense flavour experience. Perfect to add depth, crunch and aroma to other dishes. It can be eaten raw or cooked. A great food for athletes and a great source of energy for anyone.

Ingredients: Mangalica-Duroc pork fat (100%).

Spices: Additive free salt.

Nutritional value / 100g: 8g protein, 75g fat, 0g carbohydrate.

It maintains its quality for a very long time. During storage, drying and rancidity can significantly reduce the enjoyment value. Store in a dry, cool place outdoors or refrigerated in a sealed paper package.

The picture is only an illustration! In reality, the color, size and meat-to-fat ratio of the product may differ. This depends on the nature of the meat processed by our producers.


Our products are manufactured by reliable small producers, using technology that requires a great deal of professional knowledge and is an extremely difficult task and challenge for them. Since at our request, they cannot use stock improvers, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other additives, or even any spices, that is why there is the phenomenon that, although the raw materials are of premium quality, the finished products are sometimes variable. Depending on how fatty or dry the meat of the animal being processed is, which part of it can be prepared to the right consistency, etc.
Our products are not made on an assembly line or using an industrial method, so we cannot guarantee exactly the same quality.
Please take these into account when placing your order. Thank You!

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