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This product is unique to Eskimo Kitchen. Our creamed greaves is made from rare-breed Mangalica pigs. It is an extremely rich, dense and slightly textured paste. One taste and you will be back for more! If you are able to eat honey, mixing a small amount with this Creamed Greaves, makes a delicious fudge-like treat to eat in very small portions. Be is very more-ish! It is to our knowledge, the first vitamin-D enriched meat product in Europe. Although creamy in texture,  this product does not contain any dairy. Our creamed greaves is a delicious way to enhance your vitamin D consumption in the winter months, making it especially suitable in assist children and the elderly with their vitamin intake.

Ingredients: Pork greaves (100%).

Spices: Additive free salt.

Nutritional value / 100g: 13g protein, 80g fat, 0g carbohydrate.

Shelf life:
Frozen for 12 months.
Once opened, store in a refrigerator (0°C to + 5°C) and consume within 1 months.


After receipt, it is recommended to put the product in the refrigerator and then open the box after a few hours to achieve the correct consistency.

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