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The Eskimo Smoked Smoked Sliced Pork Chop is a meat speciality, made from home-grown (Hungarian Big White) pork. It is pleasantly smoked on real beech wood with fine marble veins. The product is nitrate and nitrite free, additive free, flavored with pure rock salt. It is an essential accessory for trips and cold dishes. In practical packaging, it can be consumed quickly, you don't have to bother with thin slicing!

Pork meat and fat (100%).

Spices: Additive free salt.

Nutritional value / 100g: 8g protein, 75g fat, 0g carbohydrate.

Best before: in the original vacuum foil frozen for 5 months, stored in a dry, cool place for 3 weeks (in greaseproof paper). Its shelf life during storage can be significantly affected by desiccation. It dries less when stored in a refrigerator, paper bag or greaseproof paper.

The picture is only an illustration! In reality, the color, size and meat-to-fat ratio of the product may differ. This depends on the nature of the meat processed by our producers.

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