For whom we recommend it

Eskimo Kitchen meat products do not contain any natural or artificial additives.
These products only contain ingredients that meet the requirements for a real healthy diet.

They can be consumed at any age, from children to elderly. We recommend them to everyone as you won’t find better ones.
Highly recommended for:


There are four groups of patients, where it is particularly important that foods should not contain additives and preservatives:

- Patients with epilepsy
- Autoimmune patients
- Patients with cancer
- Allergic patients

In such diseases, it is especially important what kind of food we consume. It is extremely difficult to buy a product that does not contain any additives or allergenics worldwide.
If you are suffering from any of the above diseases, the paprika or garlic in your homemade sausage can cause symptoms and complaints.

Pregnants / mother-to-be

Of course, we recommend the Eskimo Kitchen products during pregnancy.
Even after pregnancy, what food we eat is very important.
Of course, not just because of the fetus, but to minimize the risk of pregnancy sickness.
Newborns and infants are exclusively dependent on their mothers for their vitamin, mineral and microelement supply - in case the baby is breastfeeding.
In this case, it is recommended that the mother avoid substances that may cause stomach pain and discomfort for the baby.


Due to proper energy and muscle regeneration, nutrition also affects not only health, but performance.
High-quality, additive-free meats are an essential part of outstanding sports performance.


As the immune system is still developing, it is extremely important for children not to have any allergenic or otherwise harmful substances in the food.
The meat of the Eskimo Kitchen is free of any harmful substances and can be consumed by children.

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