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Smoked ham is one of the most popular types of smoked meat. Our ham is homemade and is lightly smoked over natural hardwood. It can be eaten raw, or baked (in egg dishes for example), or pan-fried to create delicious, flavoursome crispy flakes to garnish other dishes. The traditional salt-only brine cure is free from additives including nitrates and nitrites.  This simple brine cure allows the rich depth of the Mangalica pork to shine through. Our ham is made from Mangalica- Duroc pork, using the thigh meat for a traditional ham taste. The pigs are fed chemical-free food, grown on the farm where they are raised.

Ingredients: Pork leg meat (100%).

Spices: Additive free salt.

Nutritional value / 100g: 17g protein, 30g fat, 0,1g carbohydrate.

It maintains its quality for a very long time. Drying and rancidity during storage can significantly affect its edibility and enjoyment. Free in a dry, cool place, or stored in a refrigerator in a closed paper wrapper will keep your enjoyment the best.

The picture is only an illustration! In reality, the color, size and meat-to-fat ratio of the product may differ. This depends on the nature of the meat processed by our producers.

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