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A revolutionary meat product from a controlled organic farm. Its specialty is the succulent taste of liver sausage and soft veal. In aesthetic, glassy packaging that is extremely practical for travelling. Recommended especially for children, as regular consumption contributes to the natural vitamin supply. Does not contain rice, cereals, additives! Ask your doctor's opinion if you are sensitive to onions! Autoimmune and cancer patients can only consume it after recovery! 170 gr filling weight.

Ingredients: Pork meat (47%), veal meat (25%), pork liver (20%), pork bacon (8%).

Spices: Additive free salt, marjoram, little onion.

Nutritional value / 100g: 18,5g protein, 22g fat, 0g carbohydrate.

Shelf life:
24 months unopened.
Once opened, store in a refrigerator (0°C to + 5°C) and consume within 4 days.

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